About Us

The alternative investments market is currently experiencing increased attention

Our Vision

We specialize in complex transactions and non-traditional or emerging assets, markets, and industries. We thrive in seeking opportunities where we have an edge and use technology to improve, scale, and enhance returns while reducing risk. 

Our vision is to provide our clients advice, solutions, and hassle-free access to novel, untapped or inaccessible opportunities in the alternative asset space, in a transparent and compliant manner.

Our Approach

Experience is at our core and our vast network of global resources enables a myriad of opportunities. The alternative assets space provides for many high-yield opportunities which also typically has a relatively higher level of risk associated with them.

It is important to be able to ascertain which opportunities to select and which have a higher reward to risk ratio. At Prism Capital, risk management is a core theme of our approach and we have the expertise to continually execute while reducing risk.

Our Process

Aside from a very robust and efficient back office and administration, Prism Capital Management has put in place industry-standard processes and procedures for deal sourcing to strategy creation and execution.


Our advisory has a solid network that is constantly seeking out and proposing deals.



Deals are then narrowed down to those that fit the investment criteria, risk profile, and return outlook.



Our review process further narrows deals to those that are considered collectively able to achieve the balance that ultimately results in the expected target performance.


Due Diligence

Alternative investments are typically quite complex. Our strict due diligence process helps identify red flags before deals are made.



Following confirmatory due diligence, deals are structured, negotiated and finalized. Processes are put in place and deployment is prepared.



Deals are either included in existing strategies or specific strategies are created around specific deals. Deployment is the start of strategy execution.


Our People

Our strength is in our people. We believe in building a strong team with experience and foresight to, not only keep pace with, but be leaders in the ever-changing landscape in the alternative assets space.

Carlos Salas
Senior Partner & Ceo

Carlos is Prism Capital Management's co-founder & Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for the overall direction of the company and also serves as interim Chief Investment Officer, enforcing investment mandates.

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Stephen Lynch
Senior Partner & COO

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Prism Capital Management, Stephen runs the day-to-day operations, overseeing the different administrative departments, technology development, and senior managers.

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Matt Chuang
Partner & Chief Risk Officer

With decades of trading experience in traditional finance, Matt designs customized risk guidelines for every strategy Prism Capital Management executes as well as actively identifying and mitigating areas of risk.

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Ludwin Lai
Senior Partner & Portfolio Manager

Ludwin is a Senior Partner of Prism Capital Management and a Portfolio Manager focused on identifying, developing, and refining commodity arbitrage opportunities across emerging markets, with a focus on precious metals.

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Mike Liang
Head of Trading

Mike is the Head of Trading at Prism Capital Management. He is responsible for creating, testing, and deploying trading strategies and managing the various trading teams across the various portfolios that the firm manages.

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Andy Nu
Technology Lead

Andy is Prism Capital's Technology Lead. He is responsible for leading the team's alignment of the technical direction establishing a technical vision, resolving technical issues and managing the technical quality of team deliverables.

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John Gleasure

With his 23 years’ experience in business and deal making as well as his experience in large corporate management environments, John advises Prism Capital Management and Coinful Capital's executives on the fund's structure and operations.

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Michael Chin

Experienced in both traditional finance and digital assets markets, Michael focuses on bringing new investment opportunities and capital introductions. He also advises on each of Coinful Capital Fund's segregated portfolio's strategies.

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Hank Huang

Hank has years of experience in quant trading in both traditional and digital assets. He advises on the design and operation of the technology infrastructure used by the fund for its algorithmic trading operations and also advises on trading strategies.

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Our Clients

Our clients are accredited or sophisticated investors and include high net worth individuals, family offices, institutions, and investment managers. Our clients are typically looking for new opportunities to diversify into higher risk-reward asset classes.

We work with our clients to understand their goals and objectives.