Senior Partner & Ceo

Carlos Salas

Carlos has 24 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and in deal-making and investing. Previously a practicing lawyer in corporate and corporate finance law, he is well-versed with regulatory and commercial aspects for the alternative and complex transactions Prism Capital Management and Coinful Capital Fund thrives upon. Carlos also has held board and management positions in a number of finance and technology companies and as Chairman and CEO of a publicly listed company in Hong Kong. He was also a principal and managing partner at a family office; a VC fund; and a fintech accelerator managing portfolios worth over USD$250M. He holds juris doctorate, L.L.M, and an M.A degree from the University of Colorado. At Prism Capital Management, Carlos serves as a member of the board of directors and Chief Executive Officer responsible for the overall direction of the company. In the interim, Carlos also serves as Chief Investment Officer and as chair of the investment committee of Coinful Capital Fund, tasked with confirming risk guidelines, enforcing mandates, and making allocations.

• Production tungsten mine in China having. Generated >10x return.
• Rare earth and gold mining operations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Generated >15x return.
• Commercial office building in a prime location in Singapore. Generated >10x cash multiple.
• Landmark luxury hotel properties in prime tourist destination in Australia. Generated >10x return.
• Shopping mall and entertainment center in Singapore. Generated >10x return.
• Full-service e-wallet solution to shop, pay and transfer money. Generated >8x return.
• Bond trading platform for investing in fixed income products with curated news, research and financial analysis tools.
• Virtual styling solution that offers interactive and personal shopping experience for online consumers.
• High frequency trading platform focused on exchange connectivity, automated trading strategies deployed on digital asset markets.
• Co-founder of a digital assets tokenisation platform, second successful ICO in Singapore. Generated >150x return.
• Co-founder of a digital assets centralised exchange for digital currencies and securities.
• Tin tailings processing production plat in China. Generated >10x return.